What to do if you are accused of a sex offense.

Being accused of a sex offense is life altering. Few things in this world are scarier than being accused of a sex offense.  Merely...

Preliminary Hearing: What is it?

Preliminary HearingThe State charged you with a felony.  The court arraigned you on the complaint.  Now the Court told you that your next court...

Arraignment: What is it?

arraignment in courtThe state has charged you with a crime.  Now you are being told your next hearing is an arraignment, but what it...

License Suspension for a DUI in Idaho.

If the police have arrested you for a DUI charge, you will very likely face a license suspension.  There are three instances where this...

Probation. What does it mean for a DUI case?

ProbationWhen the court convicts you of a DUI or a misdemeanor, it will most often place you on a period of probation as part...

Penalties in a misdemeanor DUI case in Idaho.

Court PenaltiesYou have been found guilty or pled guilty to a misdemeanor DUI charge. The court has set the matter for a sentencing hearing....

Temporary Custody Orders

Temporary Child Custody OrdersWhat are Temporary Custody Orders?  Temporary custody orders lay out custody sharing arrangements for the parents for the time between when...

Sentencing hearings in a misdemeanor DUI case.

sentencing hearingYou have either pled guilty to a DUI according to a plea agreement, or were found guilty at a trial, and now the...

What is a ‘pretrial conference’ in a DUI case?

Pretrial ConferenceYou pled ‘not guilty’ to the charge of DUI. The court has notified you that your next court date is a ‘pretrial conference.’  Sometimes...
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Should I plead guilty to a DUI?

You were arrested for DUI, and now you have a citation that tells you to appear between two dates in court.  For example, it...

Criminal Defense Attorneys and DUI Lawyers in Boise, Idaho

At Atkinson Law Offices, our Boise Criminal Attorneys have the know-how, the ability and the courage to challenge the state’s evidence, question all their authority, and stand as watchdogs against unlawful governmental intrusion into your life.

We love to win. Out of all the practice areas we could choose, we chose criminal defense because it is our passion. We want to represent those who have been accused of a crime because we can think of few things as scary as having your reputation and your freedom on the line. When there is so much to lose, there is so much to win.

If the State has charged you with a felony or misdemeanor charge, then you need to contact our Boise Criminal Attorneys. We have attorneys that practice exclusively in criminal defense. Dinko Hadzic is an attorney on staff that speaks the Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian languages. If you have been charged with a DUI, our office also has Boise DUI Lawyers.

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Boise DUI Lawyers

Criminal defense includes many other practices of law, such as DUI defense. These cases can be either a misdemeanor or a felony charge. DUI cases are so common that sometimes people forget that DUI charges are criminal cases too.

If you have a driving under the influence charge, then you will need to hire our Boise DUI Lawyers. If this is your first DUI Arrest, then you may want to read about what to expect with your first DUI Arrest.  Atkinson Law Offices’ experienced attorneys will handle your case today.

Craig Atkinson and Dinko Hadzic are licensed to practice in Idaho. Atkinson Law Offices has licensed attorneys that are available to handle cases anywhere in Idaho. Call Atkinson Law Offices today. The initial consultation is free!

Do not postpone speaking with a Lawyer about your case. There are deadlines and cutoffs in your case that you cannot afford to miss.  See what our Boise Criminal Attorneys can for you. Click the following link for the areas served.

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