Arraignment: What is it?

arraignment in courtThe state has charged you with a crime.  Now you are being told your next hearing is an arraignment, but what it an arraignment? The Arraignment An arraignment is your initial appearance in court.  At the initial appearance, the court must do several things.  The court must determine probable cause, advice the defendant […]

Temporary Custody Orders

Temporary Child Custody OrdersWhat are Temporary Custody Orders?  Temporary custody orders lay out custody sharing arrangements for the parents for the time between when the parents file the custody case and the time that the court finalizes the case.  Typically, the court issues them after a hearing.  If either parent refuses to obey the order, […]

What is a ‘pretrial conference’ in a DUI case?

Pretrial ConferenceYou pled ‘not guilty’ to the charge of DUI. The court has notified you that your next court date is a ‘pretrial conference.’  Sometimes this makes people very nervous because it sounds awfully like a trial.  It is not a trial. The Pretrial Conference The pretrial conference is a hearing that the court sets for […]