Emmett Corrigan Murder Update: Robert Hall’s bond revoked.

I post this bit of news here since I have been following this story, and posting the previous play by play events to my blog.

Robert Hall, the man accused of murdering Boise Idaho criminal defense attorney Emmett Corrigan, has had his $1 million bond revoked by Ada County District Judge Michael McLaughlin. Apparently the prosecutors have presented evidence that Robert Hall, and his wife Kandi Hall have been having contact with one another. This is a problem because Kandi Hall is an eye witness to the alleged murder.

What wasn’t made clear by the news today was whether there was a no contact order in place prohibiting Robert Hall from having contact with Kandi Hall. I can only imagine that there was, otherwise the State would not have had a basis to ask for his bond to be revoked.

Robert Hall having contact with Kandi Hall is going to pose a problem for the state and their murder case against Mr. Hall. If Kandi Hall is the only eye witness to the events, and she testifies in Robert’s favor, it could make it an uphill battle for the state to secure a conviction. According to the article from KTVB, Mr. Hall’s murder trial isn’t scheduled to begin until May 7th. That’s over 7 months away. I doubt Mr. Hall is going to be able to come up with a $1 million dollar bond a second time.


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