Boise lost a good criminal defense lawyer this weekend. Emmett Corrigan. God be with his family.

Emmett Corrigan Dead

Emmett Corrigan, a Boise Idaho Criminal Defense Lawyer, was murdered this weekend.

Rumors are already swirling around what happened. I do not want to address those rumors on my website. I just want to send out my condolences to his family and friends who will be missing him.

I knew Emmett Corrigan. Emmett and I were both at similar points in our lives. We both were married and had children, both members of the LDS church, both had graduated with Bachelors Degrees in Philosophy, both graduated with a Juris Doctorate Degree, both had gone out on our own as owners of a law firm, and both practiced criminal defense law. We had been exchanging emails, and would speak to one another in Court while waiting to speak to prosecutors.

It saddens me deeply to hear that he has passed. His family is in our hearts and prayers.

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  1. Craig, I to had the opportunity to work with Emmett while he interned with our office before starting a life in Boise. He was an awesome friend and had the heart of a lion. He will be greatly missed.

  2. Hello,

    I have read several articles on this sad situation, and I saw Dateline’s version of what happened.

    Emmett served a mission and was married in the temple. It would appear that taking care of 5 children, a wife, making a living as a lawyer and carrying out his church responsibilities would not leave him time for an affair.

    It seems that his marriage was unravelling…he refused counselling. When a friend called him to try and calm him, he shouted insults at his wife.

    Hard to have 5 children in so few years…a common LDS dilemma.

    I think it could have well been Emmett who could have killed Robert. It’s unfortunate that Emmett veered off the path of his LDS beliefs. His wife and particularly his children will pay a high price. I wonder if he was ever converted to the gospel…

    The meaning I make of all this was that all parties were responsible in some way… Family is important, but it’s difficult to be a good wife and mother when you are having babies in quick succession. Appears that there was considerable dysfunction in Emmett’s family. Of all of them, Robert struck me as the most honest…

  3. Mr. Atkinson:

    I am a criminal defense lawyer in Mobile, AL. If I had been defending Rob Hall, I would have argued justifiable homicide if my district attorney even would have brought a charge. Down her in he South, emmitt corrigan killed himself the day he slept with another man’s wife. I was stunned to hear the crazy sentence Hall received. Boise may have lost a good criminal defense lawyer, but he world became a little more moral. He was a shameful ambassador for LDS.

    Todd C. Mallette

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