Excessive DUI Penalties • First Offense • Misdemeanor

When you are arrested for a DUI and your BAC level is .20 or higher in Idaho, you will be charged with an Excessive DUI rather than a typical First Offense DUI.  If you get two excessive DUI charges within 10 years, the second excessive DUI charge will be charged as a felony (see here).

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The maximum and minimum penalties for a First Offense Excessive DUI in Idaho are as follows:

1.  Maximum of 365 days of jail; Minimum of 10 days of jail, the first 48 hours must be consecutive.

2.  Maximum fine of $2,000.

3.  Mandatory alcohol evaluation.

4.  Mandatory alcohol education based on evaluation’s recommendations.

5.  Mandatory Victim’s Panel

6. Mandatory 1 year driver’s license suspension; the entire suspension will be absolute (meaning no work privileges whatsoever)

7. Mandatory SR-22 high risk insurance requirement.


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