DUI Penalties • First Offense • Misdemeanor

The most common DUI charge in Idaho is the DUI First Offense.  More often than not people do not go on to get additional DUI offenses, and so the bulk of the criminal charges in the court are first time offenses.  (If you are looking for general information on DUI charges, go here.)

The maximum and minimum penalties allowed under Idaho law for a conviction of driving while under the influence are as follows.

1.  180 days of jail.

2.  $1,000 fine.

3.  Mandatory alcohol evaluation.

4.  Mandatory alcohol education based on evaluation’s recommendations.

5.  Mandatory Victim’s Panel

6. Mandatory 90 day driver’s license suspension; Maximum 180 day driver’s license suspension. The first 30 days of the suspension will be absolute (meaning no work privileges), but during the remaining 60-120 days you can petition the court for work privileges.  The court also has discretion to backdate your license suspension to the first day the department of transportation suspended your license.

7. Maximum of 2 years of supervised (or unsupervised) probation.

8. Mandatory SR-22 high risk insurance requirement.


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