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DUI Attorney in Idaho

Have you been charged with Driving While Under the Influence in Idaho? It is our experience that getting a DUI charge is a scary and confusing experience.  If you are in this situation, you are looking for a DUI Attorney who can help you avoid tragedy. Many of our clients have searched for an attorney who is professional, competent and experienced. They have often spoken with other lawyers before visiting our office. Consequently, some of them have met with lawyers who are better salesmen than they are professionals.

At our office, our policy is professionalism, integrity, and honesty. We will never hide the ball in your case. Your well-being is always our ultimate concern. Getting the best deal possible is always more important to us than making a dollar. You may be confused right now with all this talk of suspended licenses, potential maximum penalties, and the like.

I have outlined some articles below to help you navigate the Idaho legal justice system.

Basic Steps of a DUI case

You may want to get an overview of what is involved in a DUI case, and how the case will proceed through the court system.  This article addresses the basic steps of a misdemeanor DUI case, to give you a bird’s eye view of what to expect.

Possible DUI Penalties

First Offense (Misdemeanor)

Second Offense (Misdemeanor)

Excessive Offense (Misdemeanor)

Third DUI (Felony) or Second Excessive DUI (Felony)

A criminal conviction on your record can impact your career, driving privileges, financial situation, and future. Hiring an experienced attorney can help reduce the impact on your life.  Atkinson Law Offices is in downtown Boise, Idaho.  We will fight to keep your life intact. Call today, and we will schedule you to see a DUI attorney the same day to discuss your charge.

Driver’s License Suspension

One of the worst penalties you will suffer when the court sentences you on a DUI charge is the driver’s license suspension.  To read more about the details of this penalty, read here.

Nampa DUI Attorneys

Our DUI Attorneys also handle cases in Nampa, Idaho.  For more information about how our attorneys can help you with DUI cases in Nampa, click here.

Prescription Drug DUI

Sometimes the State will charge a person with DUI who was under the influence of a prescription medication while operating a motor vehicle.  Drug DUI cases require a different approach and strategy than do alcohol related cases.  To read more about prescription drug DUI cases, read here.

DUI Refusal

It is illegal to refuse to submit to any test of a driver’s blood, breath or alcohol.  If a driver refuses these tests their license will be suspended by the court for an entire year.  To read more about the consequences of refusing to submit to these tests, read here.


Defending a DUI case can often make you feel powerless.  The police and prosecutors handle these cases so often, that they become routine.  Not all cases are indefensible though.  Read here for a list of possible DUI defenses.

Should I Hire an Attorney?

People often wonder if they should even waste their money hiring an attorney, especially if they know they are guilty.  Watch this video that I posted on that very subject.

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