What is ‘discovery’ in a criminal case?

Attorneys frequently use uncommon terminology, which leaves non-attorneys scratching their heads. The term “discovery” is one of those words that attorneys use all the time. It is as if the rest of the world is supposed to understand what they are talking about.

Misdemeanor Probation Violation: Seven Steps

  1.  Bad News from the Probation Officer: The first step of a misdemeanor probation violation case is the bad news from the probation officer. You will learn that something is coming down the pipeline when you go in for your monthly visit with your PO, and he looks unhappier than usual. The PO tells […]

Who Can Dismiss A Criminal Case?

Whether a defendant is guilty or innocent of a criminal charge, it goes without saying that every defendant wants the criminal charge dismissed.  So how do you go about getting a criminal charge dismissed?  Well the strategy for getting a criminal charge dismissed will vary depending on the type of case and the circumstances surrounding […]

What Is A Rider? Idaho Criminal Sentencing Question

In Idaho when a criminal defendant is sentenced for a conviction of a felony charge, the judge traditionally has two options. Send the criminal defendant to prison by placing the defendant in the custody of the Idaho Department of Corrections, or place the defendant on a period of probation. If the defendant is successful during […]

Can I Plead No Contest in Idaho? What Is An Alford Plea?

Sometimes defendants want to plead guilty and take advantage of an offer by the prosecution, even though they honestly feel that they are not guilty.  This usually happens in cases where the prosecution offers a particularly favorable plea settlement, and the defendant believes there is a strong likelihood of being convicted at a jury trial.

What You Need to Know About Bailing Out of Jail in Idaho

Have you recently learned that an arrest warrant has been issued for your arrest in Idaho? Have you been investigated recently and know it’s only a matter of time before a warrant is issued? Usually when a criminal defendant is charged with a crime in Idaho, a warrant for the defendant’s arrest is issued. This […]