Arraignment: What is it?

arraignment in courtThe state has charged you with a crime.  Now you are being told your next hearing is an arraignment, but what it an arraignment? The Arraignment An arraignment is your initial appearance in court.  At the initial appearance, the court must do several things.  The court must determine probable cause, advice the defendant […]

How can the State charge me if there is no proof?

Can the State charge me without proof? So someone has accused you of wrongdoing, but has not presented any evidence, what now?  How can the State charge you with a crime when it is just one person’s word against yours?  Don’t they need evidence?  Isn’t what they say about me ‘hearsay’?  It is all just […]

What happens to a witness (or victim) if they fail to appear for court?

What will happen to a witness (or alleged victim) if the witness fails to show up for court?  It is most commonly a wife, or girlfriend, of a defendant in a domestic violence case that asks this question.  I suspect they are asking this because they hope that their absence from the court will result […]

In Idaho can a police officer make a traffic stop for any reason he wants?

Technically? No.  Practically?  Pretty much. For a police officer to stop your vehicle, he or she must have a reasonable articulable suspicion that criminal activity is afoot.  Absent such reasonable articulable suspicion, the officer must not stop your car. If he or she does it is an unlawful stop. Any court will suppress any evidence […]