Can I be arrested for a DUI after taking prescription medications?


Prescription Drug DUI

DUI? I am prescribed this medication.

Can you be arrested for a DUI for driving after taking a prescription medication?  Everyone knows the risk of drinking alcohol and driving. Few realize the potential for being arrested for driving after taking legally prescribed medications.  Approximately 15% of the DUI cases that come into my office are prescription drug DUIs. Continue reading

What happens to my driver’s license after a DUI?


One of the most immediate impacts on your life when you are charged with a DUI is the license suspension.  Not being able to drive, especially in Idaho, would be crippling to anyone’s life.  You cannot get to work, you cannot take your children to school, you cannot go to the doctor, you cannot get groceries.  We do not live in New York City, there is not an abundance of public transportation here.  So the first thing on someone’s mind when they have been charged with a DUI in Idaho is, what is going to happen to my driver’s license? Continue reading