Child Custody Attorney in Boise

Boise Child Custody Attorney

Child custody issues frequently present the most challenging problem for the parties, attorneys, and judges. The stakes are very high, and emotions run wild. Parents often feel anger, resentment, and guilt over the breakup of the family. These feelings spill over into the child custody disputes. Frequently, a parent will attempt to sabotage the other parent’s relationship with the children and interfere with that parent’s rights. Also, sometimes a parent will give up significant rights only because that parent feels emotionally or physically overwhelmed and exhausted. Often the parent is unable to deal with the high conflict situation that their spouse pushed them into.

It is crucial that you quickly get competent legal representation in your case. If you need a child custody attorney, then you need to call today to set up a free consultation. An attorney will review your case and develop a plan to address your needs and concerns. You need help to protect your children and their future. Get help from a lawyer who knows the courts, knows the system, and knows the law. Getting a child custody attorney immediately is crucial to start building the case early rather than risk failing to follow the complex Rules of Idaho Family Law Procedure and potentially have your witnesses and exhibits excluded at the trial for failure to make proper and timely disclosures of the same.

What our Child Custody Attorneys can do for you.

We will help you understand the complexities of the Idaho laws about child custody, legal custody, physical custody and visitation, child support and how those relate to the best interests of your children under the Idaho laws. Our lawyers will also evaluate your case, define your goals and build your case with the best interests of your children as your priority. We will work hard to pursue your goals whether negotiating, mediating or litigating your case.

Whether you are petitioning to modify the existing custody order or are litigating child custody in a divorce case, we can provide answers, guidance and legal representation to optimize your goals.