Defending the Constitution in Idaho through Criminal Defense

Defending the Constitution in Idaho through Criminal Defense

Thoughts from a Criminal Defender

Boise CapitolWelcome to my  new blog!  I’m excited to begin publishing my thoughts on criminal defense in Idaho to all my readers! I’ve tried starting a blog on a couple of different occasions, but the timing just never worked out. This time around I have thought long and hard about how I want to approach the task. I’ve decided that the best way to present my material to my readers is through a question and answer format. Continue reading

Do juries get it wrong?

I am often surprised at how passionate people get about how wrong a jury verdict is when they know very little about the case. We often see great passion from the general public in verdicts like the infamous criminal trials like the O.J. Simpson trial. People will talk for hours about how wrong the jury verdict was, but ultimately tell you very little about the details of the case.

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Mother of missing Kansas City baby failed polygraph. Did she lie?


It appears from the headlines today that Deborah Bradley, the mother of the missing 10 month old girl that disappeared from her crib in Kansas City, has failed a polygraph that was administered by the Kansas City Police.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with what a polygraph is, a polygraph is a test given to an individual while asking them a series of questions. During the test the physiological reactions to the asked questions are measured, and a “trained professional” determines by the results whether the individual is being truthful or not. Typically the examiner will be able to conclude whether the individual is being deceptive, truthful, or the test will be inconclusive. In other words, a polygraph is what is known as a “lie detector test.” Continue reading

Top five rules to abide by if you have been accused of a crime.

Although I believe the system can be unfair, defendant’s do not do themselves any favors in ensuring themselves a fair shake. One thing is for sure, a defendant without guidance, whether guilty or innocent, can really make a mess of his case. And if you are a defendant accused of domestic violence, or any other crime, I hope this advise will keep you from digging yourself a deeper hole. Continue reading

I’m being investigated for criminal charges, should I speak to the police?

police interrogation

*Update:  I’ve done a video blog on this topic.  Watch it here. *

For those of my clients who are prudent enough to hire a criminal defense attorney after they have been accused of a crime, but before they are formally charged with a crime, one of the first questions they have for me is, “should I speak to the detective?” Continue reading

What is a withheld judgment? If I am offered one, should I plead?

As a criminal defense lawyer, I often get asked questions about withheld judgments. Often my client’s primary concern is keeping his or her record clean. Having a criminal record can make it difficult to get a job, get financial aid for college, be accepted into some colleges, etc. The hope is that the case can be resolved in such a way that your record will allow you to have a full and successful future. Can a withheld judgment help you with that? Continue reading

Emmett Corrigan’s killer, Robert Hall, posts $1,000,000 bond.

Robert Hall Accused of Murdering Emmett CorriganAn interesting turn of events has occurred in the case where Emmett Corrigan, a criminal defense attorney in Boise Idaho, was murdered. Robert Hall, the man accused of shooting Emmett Corrigan in the head and chest, was released yesterday on a $1,000,000 bond. In order to be released on a $1,000,000 bond, you would have to post 10% of the bond to a bonding company. That would result in a $100,000 bond owed to the bondsman. Mr. Hall, who is currently being represented at state expense by the public defender, was released on a 1 million dollar bond? That was completely unexpected. Probably unexpected by the magistrate judge, the prosecutor, and the public defender as well. What will Mr. Hall do next? Is he going to face the music, or run? Continue reading

Idaho Senate Kills Bill That Would Allow Concealed Carry on State College Campuses.

Concealed Weapons Permits on College CampusI do not usually get into politics on my blog, but a recent bill was killed in the senate that I had a particular interest in, and a bill that is related to criminal law in Idaho.

The Idaho House of Representatives has passed House Bill 222 by a 41-28 vote. That bill went to a vote in the Idaho Senate’s State Affair’s Committee yesterday, and the bill was killed. A friend of mine, Jonathan Sawmiller, gave live testimony before the Committee. Near the end of his testimony he was interrupted by the Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis, from Idaho Falls.

The video of that exchange can be found Here, and Here. Continue reading

The Emmett Corrigan Fund at the Home Federal Bank

I have been told that a fund is being set up tomorrow at the Home Federal Bank entitled the “Emmett Corrigan Fund.” I’m sure the Corrigan family is in desperate times right now, and could use some help from all of us to lighten the load. Every little bit helps when a lot of people chip in.